The de Havilland Flying Club

Our Honorary Members

Honorary Membership of the de Havilland Flying Club is offered to any pilot who trained on Tiger Moths during the War or flew de Havilland types operationally.
We shall remember and honour them, and preserve their memories for future generations.  We shall also remember all those who went on to
distinguished wartime flying careers, all too many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freedoms we enjoy today.

Lest we forget

Trainee Fleet Air Arm pilots of 14 EFTS Castle Bromwich.  14 EFTS was an amalgam of the pre-war 14 ERFTS and 20 ERFTS from Gravesend,
hence the two different camouflage marking schemes seen here.  In the background can be seen three impressed Dragon Rapides,
still carrying their pre-war civil registrations.

Gordon Jones

Lou Luma

John Fysh

Bill Clark

Don Groom

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