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James Forrest 'Lou' Luma

Honorary Member

James Forrest "Lou" Luma was born in Montana on August 27th 1922 and joined the RCAF in July of 1941.
Lou trained on Tiger Moths at 18 EFTS Ladner, Vancouver and went on to become the only Amercian Mosquito ace,
with five victories to his name.  Luma also made many night intruder or 'Ranger' missions over the continent in 1943 and 1944.

Roy Grinnell's dramatic depiction of Lou Luma's first victory in Mosquito F.B. Mk. VI HJ715, TH-D.  The night of 21/22 January 1944,
Luma scored the first of five victories with 418 Squadron RCAF.  Luma encountered an Me 410 twenty miles S.W. of Wunstorf.
"We did a quick orbit to port, coming behind him and chasing him for about 15-20 miles.  We were on his tail and gave him a 2-3 second burst
of cannon and m.g. from about 250-100 yards. Strikes on the fuselage were followed by a ball of fire
which enabled us to identify E/A as a 410.  A large piece broke off to the left and he went down."

Lieut. J. Luma (right) and his navigator F/O Colin Finlayson (RAF) inspect the fin of their Mosquito, holed by flak  following a daylight ranger trip over enemy territory.
Luma stated on landing that he had little trouble bringing the aircraft home.  He said, "It wasn't nearly as shaky as our experience a few days ago
when we had to travel close to six hundred miles on a single engine."

Lou (second from right) and his navigator Colin Finlayson (right) in front of their Mosquito 'Moonbeam McSwine' HJ719.

Luma's Mosquito victories

Jan 21st  HJ715  TH-D  Me-410 destroyed  (F/O A. J. Eckert as navigator)
Feb 13th  HJ764 TH-X He-177 destroyed
Mar 6th  HX816 TH-Y FW-190 destroyed
Mar 21st  HJ719  TH-U 'Moonbeam McSwine- Ju-52 destroyed
Unknown - Ju-34 destroyed
Luma also destroyed a Do-217, an He-111, two Go242's and two Me109's on the ground

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